because it attacked me last night. actually started in the afternoon after a cup of water. wtf? of course it was probably the lunch at culvers after a weekend of too much food and dessert that is the real culprit, but i've never known drinking water to be the thing to set it off. that's definitely a first for me.

anyway, this mean ole gallbladder of mine -- the one that i've been nice enough to not have cut out mercilessly by a surgeon going on 5 years now after its first sneak-attack on me just a month to the day after ds was born -- decided the holiday weekend was a wonderful time to surprise me and make me miserable all evening, all night long, and even through this morning. despite still tasting my lunch (really it was fine going down but after that i'm done, okay?!) i tried giving it some chamomile tea first but couldn't get more than a sip into me before the nausea told me that just wasn't going to work. so onto a mini-flush like i've been doing for years with olive oil and orange juice. that usually does the trick within a few hours, but not last night. still i could taste lunch, now mingled with the not-quite-orange-juicy-oily taste. big ew. trust me, if it didn't work i would never do that again. but it usually does right my system after a few hours, so i endure it. when it doesn't work, though -- oh boy. them's fighting words!

so needless to say, i am not talking to my gallbladder right now, though i did send a peace offering of a very bland piece of bread a few hours ago to see what it would say. no word yet, sigh. i'm not quite sure it's done with me yet.

i'm still here and plugging away on customs alongside instock. i have 2 stockings this coming sunday night with just a few things planned for each. yarn and a shirt for one, not positive about the other yet but probably a shirt or two. here's one squishy skein called "earthside" from this week that might make an appearance at either the leaf shoppe or the tree of life sunday, as well as a few custom yarns ("great outdoors" on targhee and "beach pebbles" on cestari superfine? or fine? merino) and a shirt that will be auctioned off beginning on memorial day at kukae & mimi to support the "united by reading" program. i'm more than a bit smitten by the whole kawaii-style animal thing right now, they're so cute and fun to do... i have a panda design waiting in the wings when i get around to batiking that one up too! and i need to get going on a custom kawaii kitty for someone over the pond as well. (soon, very soon!)

no this isn't about my love for funk music, though i do enjoy a good groove from time to time. alas, this is just to admit to the masses that i have been in a world-class funk this past week and have gotten next to nothing done. a few things started for instock, a little bit of custom work... but not nearly as much as i should and could have gotten done if not for this awful mood that's pretty much sucked the energy right out of me. gah!

i'm vowing to make this coming week count, though, so i should have lots of new pictures and in-progress peeks very soon. i need to get my groove back, baby!

yeah it's been awhile since my last update. or at least it feels like awhile because i've stocked a few times since last i updated! so here's a look at all that (still a few things left *wink wink*).

of course preparing for all this instock has me playing catchup on customs again. i know, collective sigh. i'm back at it now though, and things should start moving at a decent pace again this month. i'll also be taking part in beneath the rowan tree's birthday bash in a few weeks (i'll be on the "blue" day) and also a great charity event organized and being hosted by kim at kukae and mimi. oh, and i also have a shirt up for a really cool "baby shower" taking place at growing up mad later this week!

that's all the news here. need to get the boy some juice in a moment so he stops asking for it, set millie up with some markers and paper to keep her occupied awhile, and start putting some color to some yarn!