no this isn't about my love for funk music, though i do enjoy a good groove from time to time. alas, this is just to admit to the masses that i have been in a world-class funk this past week and have gotten next to nothing done. a few things started for instock, a little bit of custom work... but not nearly as much as i should and could have gotten done if not for this awful mood that's pretty much sucked the energy right out of me. gah!

i'm vowing to make this coming week count, though, so i should have lots of new pictures and in-progress peeks very soon. i need to get my groove back, baby!


  1. BabyLongLegs said...

    I hate it when funk is impaired... but it'll come back..... :)

    I've blogged your yarn, and the shirt!!!

    So excited!

    Sarah xXx