i'm still here and plugging away on customs alongside instock. i have 2 stockings this coming sunday night with just a few things planned for each. yarn and a shirt for one, not positive about the other yet but probably a shirt or two. here's one squishy skein called "earthside" from this week that might make an appearance at either the leaf shoppe or the tree of life sunday, as well as a few custom yarns ("great outdoors" on targhee and "beach pebbles" on cestari superfine? or fine? merino) and a shirt that will be auctioned off beginning on memorial day at kukae & mimi to support the "united by reading" program. i'm more than a bit smitten by the whole kawaii-style animal thing right now, they're so cute and fun to do... i have a panda design waiting in the wings when i get around to batiking that one up too! and i need to get going on a custom kawaii kitty for someone over the pond as well. (soon, very soon!)


  1. BabyLongLegs said...

    Yummy yarns!!!
    And I just love the pink elephant......so darned cute!!!

    You are so talented :)

    Sarah xXx