it's been a green sort of week around here. no coincidence that green is my favorite color, so i end up doing a lot of it. here are a few recently-completed green customs and future instock goodies.

Dark Green Dino Custom Heartfeet Tee
Sprig and Fresh Citrus Semi-Custom Set Green Dino

lots of collabs and things coming up soon for zoope. some you'll have to wait a bit to hear about but these ones are zooming up fast!

True Colors
this is a great charity event coming in late september organized by Lori of beneath the rowan tree. i took part in the first event several months back and will be doing so again, this time donating all the proceeds of my auction to one of the Girl Effect causes. i will be offering an 18-24mo batiked shirt if all goes well in the next 24 hours (pics once it's ready!).

Apple Tee for True Colors

Mama Stone's Third Birthday
also coming up in late september is mama stone's birthday bash! i dyed up some fallish yarn inspired by the color of crisp fall leaves with natural plant extracts on some lovely organic merino that ashley will be offering as a semi-custom slot. i love the muted, earthy colors i get with plant-extracted dyes (many from plants in my own yard) and this one is no different.

Kukae & Mimi's First Birthday
soon after, in october will be kim's one year birthday bash for her business, kukae & mimi. we'll be offering up a diaper/batiked shirt collab with a dinosaur theme. it's going to be a cute one so check back here for a sneak peek in the next few weeks!

i'll also be plugging away on custom orders again, now that i've made it through the grand opening of our new congo, fresh. next stocking at fresh will be october 9th at 9am and 9pm with the theme of CRISP -- watch for lots of fall and winter-inspired goodies, and plenty of other inspirations as well! before then, i'll also be stocking at the leaf shoppe late in september if all goes well, and as a guest at artiste in early october.

only 4 more days till our new super-duper congo opens on hyenacart! fresh is made up of a group of us who have mostly worked together before (plus a few new peeps who fit right in) and we decided to start up something new that's a little bit different than the typical theme-based congo there. previews are due to start popping up this sunday, and then we stock tuesday at 9am and 9pm eastern. come check it out, i know it's going to be a great launch!