jasper was supposed to wear tie-dye or something with a peace sign for school today. well he had his heart set on a peace sign, though he had a few tie=dye shirts he could have worn instead. mom to the rescue! here's what i made for him. ignore his expression—it's his "get this over with so i can watch netflix before i have to leave for school" look. well at least he didn't say it and was probably just thinking it, right? that's peaceful.

it's stocking day at Lily Pad Landing and i have several tees, a few sets of cloth napkins, and several colorways up for grabs. the other vendors outdid themselves with many gorgeous offerings as well. just take a look at some of what we have stocking... it all goes live at 3pm eastern. enjoy!

since i posted it elsewhere, might as well dust this blog off and post it here too, even though it's not wordless here :) yarn by alfabette zoope, beautifully knit by nana's woolies