yeah it's been awhile since my last update. or at least it feels like awhile because i've stocked a few times since last i updated! so here's a look at all that (still a few things left *wink wink*).

of course preparing for all this instock has me playing catchup on customs again. i know, collective sigh. i'm back at it now though, and things should start moving at a decent pace again this month. i'll also be taking part in beneath the rowan tree's birthday bash in a few weeks (i'll be on the "blue" day) and also a great charity event organized and being hosted by kim at kukae and mimi. oh, and i also have a shirt up for a really cool "baby shower" taking place at growing up mad later this week!

that's all the news here. need to get the boy some juice in a moment so he stops asking for it, set millie up with some markers and paper to keep her occupied awhile, and start putting some color to some yarn!