it's been a rough week of working on customs, with multiple do-overs when things didn't come out quite as planned. i think i'm over the hump now and everything is finally coming together.

stuff for carm... a redux of one of my favorite sets -- just a pear. here's the yarn hanging to dry (no i still haven't setup a good wintertime drying arrangement, so it's hanging on a few plant hooks in front of the patio doors right now, lol) and below it is the batiked shirt awaiting a swim in the dyebath

and this is a failed attempt at recreating my "last leaves" colorway. funny thing is i actually took notes when dyeing this colorway the first time (one of the few i had)... but they apparently sucked! so i've been playing and tweaking and redoing this yarn. this round lacked some saturation and contrast, and i handpainted it while the kids were hovering so i rushed too much and the colors are not nearly as smooth as i like them. alas, i'm sure i'll be selling it at one of the congos before long at a reduced price -- no sense letting it sit unused!

and finally, here are the previous versions of the pear shirt meant for carm. the first was too dark, the second was just a stupid dyeing error by me (note to self: pay closer attention to whether i grabbed the acid or procion green dye next time). both shirts are lovely, just not a good match for the original set. more stuff to stock at some future date... or keep for dd to wear! i haven't decided yet. ;)

hmm, those pics will have to come later, the upload tool has not been working for me so i'm giving up. and my wax might actually be fully melted now so it's time to get back to the saltmine!