gosh i feel like a train that's been derailed over here. i managed to get little done this past week unfortunately so now i need to catch up. it's amazing what preparing for hosting a birthday party can do to my schedule (jasper's party was saturday, his actual birthday is tomorrow -- my goofy boy is 4 years old!). problem being i do most of my work in the kitchen and dining room and those are pretty important areas to have clean and usable for a party! ...and then dh's side of the family didn't end up making the trek up due to potentially bad weather for the drive back, so it was just my parents who ended up coming. all that prep, stress, money on cake and enough food to feed at least 15 people, and so on... such a waste of effort!

anyway, enough ranting about that sore topic, onto custom updates:

working on now:
kayleigh's shirt - dyeing done, painting jolly roger in flag on babydoll top
-- painting tonight or tomorrow, shipping next week
carmela - pear shirt and matching yarn
-- re-batiking shirt tomorrow (next size up, smaller pear, lighter green), then need to dye shirt and yarn, paint shirt
sarah - 2 blue/black jolly roger shirts, first color dyed
-- batiking tomorrow! dyeing this week
andrea - car (or treeforg or lizard) shirt and coordinating yarn
-- car design chosen, yarn tbd, need to work out size, style, colors this week

and also working on some goodies for the january spotted box ;)

and after that:
terra - contacting this week to work out details
alison - contacting this week to work out details
jennifer - fairy or butterfly shirt (tbd) - contacting this week to work out details
steph - yarn tbd
debi - swap yarn tbd
melanie - custom shirt(s) - passing?