super-quickie jic anyone is looking for updates. i've fallen behind on emails for those next on the list but WILL be contacting you this week to see if you'd like to proceed with your custom(s) or wait till after the holiday craziness (or at least i know it's a little crazy here). carm, your yarn is dyed and steaming right now, your do-over shirt is batiked and will be dyed tomorrow. gen, we've already touched base today but the yarn feels like it will be dry tomorrow -- i'll reskein and send a photo probably in the morning. can ship in the afternoon if we connect in time, otherwise the yarn will go out in tuesday's mail (so long as it looks good to you!). up next is batiking andrea's shirt and dyeing the yarn (i should have plenty of corrie!). also batiking sarah shirts and working on my super-secret (okay, not really) spotted box samples. and kayleigh's poor babydoll dress still needs to get painted, omigosh! you've been SO patient waiting for this custom, i owe you like 3 more shirts in thanks. i might post a few pics tomorrow of a few in-the-works things.

okay, i think that's it for tonight, time to hit the hay and cross my fingers the kids sleep till at least 7:30am so i'm not walking into walls from the get-go tomorrow. anything less than 6 hours of sleep and i just want to crawl into a hole these days.