wax off!

got those 3 shirts done! i love productive weekends... am hoping to knock out some yarn today too, if the current queasies (leftover stomach bug???) subside by this evening.

here's both of kim's shirts, finished and ready to ship out in the next few days! hope you love them!

here's a quickie shirt to coordinate with an adorable woolie set from Quintessential Baby on hyenacart. i might still paint a little button in the center of the flower, i haven't decided yet. this is for a friends sweet little newborn named ava. i can't wait to meet her!

and finally, the second shirt headed to debi in a few days for our trade! i love how the tone-on-tone looks on this one, i think millie needs one when i have the chance to make another like it.


  1. Elizabeth said...

    Oh my WORD I had no idea your stuff was so ADORABLE (shoulda guess, though)... so pumped about the yarn, too!

    Liz :)  

  2. Kim said...

    Lori, those are amazing!! I will need to contact you about a custom order soon.