no magic

okay yarnies, anyone else out there have this one colorway they made that was a happy accident, and ever since that time have been unable to recreate the perfect vision like that first one? i'm dealing with one of those right now and GAAAAH! it is so frustrating. i know what my problem is... i'm too attached to creating it the same way as the first time. if i just would mix the dyes to match the end product and handpaint it, there would probaby be no problem. but of course i take the hard way (that is true to the process i followed the first time), and handpaint it first, look at it in horror and say "ack, that looks like butt!"... then overdye it, and magic happens and makes it into something gorgeous -- except there's been no magic lately, oh no. the overdye is where things seem to go horribly wrong -- too dark, too yellow, too red, too dark *and* too red... on and on. at least i can sell the rejected skeins, but i'd rather be creating new intentional colorways, not "oops, what happened here" skeins, yannow?

so, for about the 3rd or 4th time now, i'm setting aside this custom for another day when i feel i can handle trying it get again (thank goodness the customer is a friend and exceedingly patient with me... not like she's hurting for yarn *cough* but that's beside the point -- hi, m! :) ).

well i said i would be putting previews up this past weekend and had intended to, but i really only got a bit done and didn't bother taking pictures till yesterday. so instead i'll just say go check out the leaf shoppe tomorrow late morning for all my previews and then everything stocks at 2pm eastern. for right now, it's back to one yarn waiting for the dye to exhaust on the stove, 2 shirts i just boiled getting washed in the laundry room, a shirt in the dining room waiting for me to iron and heat set the paint, and several descriptions that need writing on the cart. hmm, and it's midnight so i'm guessing some of the descriptions are going to wait till morning. i have the wax heated and ready to go as well, but neglected to sketch anything up in advance, so that will have to wait as well.

custom updates and all that coming (probably) tomorrow, once this stocking is out of the way and i can breathe again (at least for a few hours).