wax on...

custom updates as of nov 15
i've been trying to work on waxing things up in the evenings and waiting on the yarn because yarn is something i can theoretically work on when the kids are home/hovering... there's no way i can do this with hot wax around, so the order of things might be a little bit goofy while i'm playing catchup from my bout without water in the house and a mysterious stomach bug yesterday and today (kids, not me. oh wait, i take that back, it's apparently now my turn, blegh). i apologize to those just waiting on yarn, but i will be trying to wrap those orders up this weekend when dh can do some kid-wrangling and i can hopefully do some work in the mornings or afternoon for a change!

in progress & up next:
kim's little birdie shirt - 2nd round batik done, dyeing tomorrow

debi's 2nd shirt - 1st round batik done, 1st round dyeing tomorrow

carrie - congrats it's a girlie!!! batiking done, dyeing tomorrow

michelle's custom yarn - beach pebbles on peace fleece
kayleigh's shirt - dyeing done, painting jolly roger in flag on babydoll top
dye leanne's yarn - berry blast with a slice of lemon, 7-8oz bfl

and after that:
melanie - custom shirt(s) - passing?
liz - neopolitan sock yarn (yarn is here!)
sarah - 2 blue/black jolly roger shirts, first color dyed
andrea - shirt (car? otherwise lizard or treefrog) and yarn tbd
carmela - pear shirt and matching yarn
terra -
alison -
jennifer - fairy or butterfly shirt (tbd)
steph - yarn tbd
debi - swap yarn tbd