I live up in the outskirts of the Chicago Burbs... much closer to Wisconsin than the city. It isn't an area known for being a mecca of handmade goods, but I was thrilled to recently find out about a little shop just 15 minutes from home (through a mama in my local mom's group) that offers a bunch of tie-dyed clothing, hand-stitched upcycled tee pillows, glass marble magnets and push-pins, upcycled wool bags and fingerless gloves made from sweaters, hemp jewelry, and so on. How wonderful to find a kindred spirit so close to home in this cool little shop.

I neglected to get the owner's name, but we did talk dyeing for awhile and a little about thrifting too (there's a little room in the back of vintage and thrifted goods, which is also right up my alley). They don't have an online presence at all yet, but if you happen to be up in the McHenry, Illinois area, be sure to check the shop out. It's called Peace Offerings and is located on Main Street in downtown McHenry, between Route 31 and Crystal Lake Road just a block south of Route 120.

Next time I go back I should ask if I could take some pictures to share.