and all these sneak peeks will be full and complete listings, lol. i'm running so far behind due to illness (dd and dh), botching several shirts for various stupid and unusual reasons, and just because i always am. i don't know if i'd know what to do with myself if i truly got all my work done days in advance! okay, i'd work on customs... that's true... but i'm always working on customs so that's nothing new!

anyway, a few more sneak peeks for tomorrow's stocking at wonderful world...

a little of what i've wrapped up or have been working on this week for your viewing pleasure...

the picture in my head comes out on the yarn or shirt just right! i'm so pleased with how the yarn turned out to match this instock shirt that sold last week, and know the new owner is going to do beautiful things with it! :)

i'm so late getting this blog updated, argh! had a few stockings this past week -- at the leaf shoppe on wednesday i offered the following goodies (a few things still available ;) ):

and my personal favorite that was a rockin' collab with lisa at winsome what-nots:

and then i also stocked a collab with diane at bugsnugger for her re-grand opening this past friday evening!

and besides all that i've been working on customs bit by bit, with grand hopes to wrap up 2-3 orders tonight and tomorrow and then move onto the next group. a few orders are for ladies due to give birth early in april so i *really* need to get those knocked out in the next few days for sure! they're first on the list so shouldn't be a problem.

next stocking is april 2nd at wonderful world. and i finally dove in and listed my first item at etsy -- just something that hasn't found a buyer on hyenacart so i figured why not. i'm going to try to get more up there this week.

i don't know what possessed me to schedule 2 stockings on the same week (a mere 3 days apart), during and right after a weekend out of town, but i did! note to self: don't do that again!

the next batch of instock is ready to go for our stocking this sunday at wonderful world! did a little bit of more boyish stuff to balance out the girlie yarn still instock from last sunday. here's a peek... everything goes live at 8pm eastern.

and finally here's a custom order for a young customer that is now on its way to him! i like how both of these turned out and hope he does (and his mama) too!

it feels like i didn't get much done last night but i was sure up late enough... so i'll just let you look at the latest collage of what's in the works. oh, there's a funny little birdie shirt in the works too -- i missed that when i was taking pics in my workroom (aka dining room). enjoy!

okay so it didn't turn out to be *that* much of a surprise but managed to put together a few things i like and one that... well, let's just say it's labeled as a second. i think it will actually knit up kinda neat... it's just waiting for the right person to see that. ;) anyway, these listings are now available at wonderful world.

i'm done with winter, snow, ice, and especially illness! i am down and out with an awful headcold, this thing is kicking my rear! add to it not getting enough sleep and the kids having cabin fever and it's making me incredibly cranky. i've gotten nothing done the past few nights on instock or customs. blegh. my parents are pushing for me to see a doc but c'mon -- it's a virus. everyone has it or something like it in the area, we're all just passing it back and forth when we go out and about because we're so sick of being stuck inside with restless kiddos! the doc is going to say drink lots, take your supplements, use the neti pot, maybe recommend this xclear stuff i keep hearing about (it's on my list to try to track down some on thursday when the kids are in daycare) and come back if you still feel this crummy in a week. it's not worth a 45 minute drive each way for them to tell me that. probably do myself more good sleeping that time, lol.

the cherry blossom shirt at right is for an upcoming collab with julie of selah for their one year anniversary stocking. i can hardly wait to see how it looks paired with some of her amazing yarn. would it be horribly silly of me to stalk a listing i'm part of? not that i need more yarn... but i might NEED the yarn, kwim? it makes me think of spring and remember that in just a month, well maybe more like two, the winter coats will be put away and spring flowers will be sprouting and blooming. sigh. oh to fast forward even a few weeks!!!

we're stocking tomorrow at wonderful world and the theme is dr. seuss! here's a peek at my purdies for the day. everything stocks at 8pm eastern. just in case you were wondering. ;)