i'm done with winter, snow, ice, and especially illness! i am down and out with an awful headcold, this thing is kicking my rear! add to it not getting enough sleep and the kids having cabin fever and it's making me incredibly cranky. i've gotten nothing done the past few nights on instock or customs. blegh. my parents are pushing for me to see a doc but c'mon -- it's a virus. everyone has it or something like it in the area, we're all just passing it back and forth when we go out and about because we're so sick of being stuck inside with restless kiddos! the doc is going to say drink lots, take your supplements, use the neti pot, maybe recommend this xclear stuff i keep hearing about (it's on my list to try to track down some on thursday when the kids are in daycare) and come back if you still feel this crummy in a week. it's not worth a 45 minute drive each way for them to tell me that. probably do myself more good sleeping that time, lol.

the cherry blossom shirt at right is for an upcoming collab with julie of selah for their one year anniversary stocking. i can hardly wait to see how it looks paired with some of her amazing yarn. would it be horribly silly of me to stalk a listing i'm part of? not that i need more yarn... but i might NEED the yarn, kwim? it makes me think of spring and remember that in just a month, well maybe more like two, the winter coats will be put away and spring flowers will be sprouting and blooming. sigh. oh to fast forward even a few weeks!!!


  1. BabyLongLegs said...

    Gah....Lori!!! Big hugs!!!
    I know what you mean.....I just had my behind kicked by the lurgy too.....I got better for a day, then it came back twice as bad...

    I finally feel a little better...I am determined that it WILL not claim me for one more day!!! Us WAHMammas have far too much to do creating beautiful things *grins*

    Selah's yarn is very very pretty....so not you are not wrong to be stalking....hehehe

    Sarah xXx