i'm so late getting this blog updated, argh! had a few stockings this past week -- at the leaf shoppe on wednesday i offered the following goodies (a few things still available ;) ):

and my personal favorite that was a rockin' collab with lisa at winsome what-nots:

and then i also stocked a collab with diane at bugsnugger for her re-grand opening this past friday evening!

and besides all that i've been working on customs bit by bit, with grand hopes to wrap up 2-3 orders tonight and tomorrow and then move onto the next group. a few orders are for ladies due to give birth early in april so i *really* need to get those knocked out in the next few days for sure! they're first on the list so shouldn't be a problem.

next stocking is april 2nd at wonderful world. and i finally dove in and listed my first item at etsy -- just something that hasn't found a buyer on hyenacart so i figured why not. i'm going to try to get more up there this week.