so the doc today was fine. but i left disappointed because she didn't prescribe me anything. yeah i know, it's just a cold (apparently) -- but it's hard to break away from the ole "give me a pill to fix this" mentality when one feels this crummy! so it's nasal washes and lots more herbal tea it is for me, and i'm hoping i feel more human in the next few days because each day a symptom takes a turn and being the most annoying -- sunday it was coughing, monday the sore throat, today the horrible sinus headache i just couldn't shake all day... hmm, what will it be tomorrow?

i've been doing a few shirts each night but getting to bed by 1ish. still later than i should be up but it's been hard getting millie down before 10:30-11pm because of the long afternoon naps she's been taking, so i'm getting such a late start! maybe i'll snap a few pics tomorrow of the in-progress stuff. or maybe i'll use that time for a nap instead!

i hope this is the last time you guys have to read my whining for a long time! with no pretty pictures even!