sick again! and whatever it is, i can feel it settling into my chest tonight. doc tuesday -- actually for the kids and it was supposed to just be a checkup for the sake of having up-to-date paperwork for daycare and preschool... but now that we're all sick i gather that's going to be the focus. kids have this nastiness too... millie for over a week now, the poor girl! and jasper has just not been himself the last several days and has had the nose yuckies and coughing jags since wednesday i'm guessing. any day he goes to bed without asking for more time to play you know he has or is fighting something and he was like that tonight and friday night both. :(

so, what does this all translate into? more delays on customs (eek), fewer late late nights because i can't pull it off as much right now, and possibly i'll be prescribed drugs in the near future. oddly i'm excited about the prospect of the drugs right now, because i'm already ready for this yuck to go away and i only came down with it in earnest friday afternoon (on my birthday -- how cruel is that).

stuff that needs to go out or be worked on this week, though -- peter's cd artwork (in progress), carina's yarn(s) and shirt, jenni's shirts (in progress), stacey's set (in progress), leanne's shirt (in progress), yarn and shirt for an upcoming collab with teababies, and the plumknit charity set i'm doing with fluff & stuff. and there's probably more but that's what i'm thinking of right now.

wish me luck!