...at yarn for an upcoming collab with gen of the cloth canoe. i'm pretty pleased with it and hope it makes someone very happy and hopefully ends up as a very nice pair of shorties or similar to go with the awesome dipe gen is putting together. if you haven't seen her stuff yet -- go check it out. she makes cloth dipes as well as mama pads that are absolute works of art (not to mention really squishy, comfy and thirsty)!

i'm running behind on customs already this year -- GAH!!! mostly because of one that just wasn't turning out like i wanted, and i kind of got stuck there. i'm still working on fixing that situation because the first shirt i did just didn't turn out nearly as cool as i envisioned (okay let's face it -- if it were being stocked it would definitely be a second), but plan to move onto other customs beginning this weekend -- so a few people on the list will probably be hearing from me in the next few days to confirm sizes, styles, designs and colors. :)