i guess i should call this something else since i don't have pics of any of these yet, but oh well. i've been working on customs alongside the instock that went live last night at wonderful world and in the past 48 hours have batiked no less than 4 jolly roger shirts! 3 black, 1 blue. the 3 blacks are in the dyebath now and the blue is boiling on the stove. next up is winter wheat for another custom, and a little something for a friend's new babe... theme still tbd on that one but it's going to be girlie!

here's pics of the rest of what i stocked last night, since i never did get some of the listings up till midday yesterday (talk about last minute...)

my next stocking will be march 2nd at wonderful world again. we're doing a great themed stocking -- all things inspired by dr. seuss! i think it's going to be a blast. oh, and i might possibly put up some sock yarn for happy mama day on the 29th of this month, i actually have a skein of 80/20 sock yarn (cashmere, baby!) dyed up in my beach pebbles colorway but it fell into a mass of tangles... if i can find the time to untangle that rat's nest, watch for it on the 29th!


  1. BabyLongLegs said...

    Have just blogged my Fabaroonie Hoodie btw ;)
    Can't wait to get it, I am so excited!!!
    Take care, and speak soon

    Sarah xXx