once again i haven't updated and have missed several stockings. just had a few collabs sell today with wild child woolies. angela rocks. go to http://hyenacart.com/WildChildWoolies/ to check out the other things instock. if i had a wee one still i'd be all about these two listings in particular... love love love!

and later today i have 4 shirts stocking at comfort wool's knit night! 9pm eastern... be there! http://hyenacart.com/ComfortWool/

and then finally i will have 2 things stocking on may 1st at http://hyenacart.com/TadpolesNButterflies/ for their 8 year anniversary (wow!). No pics yet... still wrapping things up but I will say that one is a super collab with Brooke of Family Tree Glass and the other will involve trees as well, bringing back a design I did a few years back and always wanted to offer again.

in other news, customs have come to an unintentional standstill again as i'm juggling stockings and a few group orders i was crazy enough to overlap several weeks. if i make it through the next few months without my head exploding or the house from all the mess i leave in my wake, i'll be very thankful! and i'm always thankful for my customers and those writing in about possible customs (which i'm sorry to say i can not take any more on at this point but people are always free to hint at certain designs, sizes of colors they'd love to see stocked at some point). ;) everything is keeping me hopping!


  1. Elana said...

    I love your creations --found you through your link back to my blog on your blog roll.

    I can't wait for some friends to have babies so that I can purchase your beautiful creations!