once again

i've been pitifully horrible about updating my blog! but that's good right, means i've been busy? yeah i'll say that's why. actually it has been the germiest yuckiest winter i can remember ever, and one cold or virus sort of has blurred into the next for far too many weeks (thanks no doubt to my 3yo walking petri dish bringing home lots of stuff from preschool).

but... things have been getting done, slowly but surely. customs are moving along steadily (albeit slowly) and i have been keeping up with stocking 1-2x a month. even more instock coming up, with some guest stockings in april and may at various really cool shops. plus, ALCHEMY is opening in mid-to-late may, exact date to be announced. this is a new congo i am really excited to be part of, made up of several congos that are combining efforts plus a few other select vendors! the range of talent, skills, experience and rockin' products in this group is amazing. so watch for news about that coming up several weeks from now!

here's some pretty pictures of some of the recent things i've stocked, and watch for more coming very soon to http://hyenacart.com/fresh for our HUMOR stocking on april 9th, 9am and 9pm eastern!

Custom Heartfeet TeesCustom Yarns
Burn Baby Burn TeeFlower Kamon Tee
Simply Jewels on BFLPaisley Pinafore Dress


  1. Scarlet said...

    A couple of years ago, I wanted to start a congo named Alchemy, but joined VV instead. Can't wait to see what you've got planned!  

  2. lori said...

    thanks scarlet, it should be fun! you're the second person (so far) who has mentioned thinking of using the name!