it's been almost a month since i managed to update here. it's been crazy busy... finishing up a big group order, a few customs/trades in time for christmas, a stocking on the 5th and another on the 9th, plus jasper turned five, holiday shopping, preparing to host christmas day (which has now been changed to the 1st, so i get a little breather), playgroup at the house, new carpeting, etc. i'm a little burnt out from this month and we still have to get through christmas part one (parents house) and part two (out of state at inlaws). add to it a few winter storms... egads. spring cannot come too soon.

anyway, here's a little of what i've done in the past month or so!

Warmth on Cestari Fine Merino Great Outdoors on Cestari Fine Merino Citrus Spritzer on Corriedale Custom Kawaii Kitty Dress Custom T-Rex Tee Custom Simple Turtle Tee Custom Butterfly Heart Tee Green Cowboy Tee Lavender Horse Tee Truffles Mix on Cestari Fine Merino Fresh As Strawberries on Corriedale Midnight on BFL Aran Custom Yarn and Tee Set Allium LWI Tee Custom Yarn and Tee Set Custom Yarn and Tee Custom Alien Tee Custom Faerie Tee Custom Moon and Stars Onesie Custom Dachshund Tee Custom Kawaii Kitty Dress Custom Dino Tee Great Outdoors Loose Ends Girlie Loose Ends Custom LWI Horse Custom Little Chickie Tee Heartfeet Tee

next up is our INSPIRE stocking at fresh on january 9th at 9am and 9pm eastern and another stocking either at the leaf shoppe or perhaps somewhere else with some of the same great group as our december 5th stocking. *wink*