well after a year and a half without a pet after our dog, barney passed, we just adopted two young lab/terrier (lab/border collie?) mixes this past weekend. so i now have a dog-friendly household again and need to update my "about me" on the congos to mention them. they are confined to the family room, kitchen and laundry room currently so they will not be around where i store yarns/shirts or package orders up to ship. hopefully this will minimize any dog hair or issues for people with possible sensitivity to dogs.

introducing jet on the left and roxy on the right in both pictures.

i've been so bad about updating here but i have been busy working on a group order and customs, with just a little bit of instock on the side. my next stocking is november 9th at fresh when we celebrate our decadence theme. pictures hopefully later this week to show off a little of what's in store for instock and also some progress on the group order!