it's been a good week for getting customs and some instock knocked out... not that it hasn't been without its hiccups but overall good stuff going on. i'll just show you the pretties because it's late, i'm tired, and i need to batik a few things up before i totally crash for the night (sick kid home today so didn't accomplish anything as planned).

first up, some customs in the works and just wrapped up...

Heartfeet Tee Custom LWI Tractor
Custom Pear Tee Sprig and Apple Custom Set

the shirt on that last one has actually been overdyed so this is the updated photo now -- so much happier with the green now!

and then some instock coming up for my guestslot this coming sunday at artiste...
Heartstring Green Pear Tee
Cornucopia on Superfine Merino

and of course there's still more in the works for sunday as well, and soon to follow -- our next fresh stocking is a week from today on october 9th! more on that coming hopefully in the next several days. :)


  1. Nicole said...

    oh my i LOVE LOVE LOVE that tractor shirt! Lini is obsessed withtractors rigth now <3
    great work ar always!!
    I hope to have a calmer life soon to get back online more. Miss you!!