but turns out i'm actually more in a batiking mood. i got started on a few shirts last night and before i knew it it was 3am. so i promised myself i'd not stay up that late tonight but just try to finish those shirts for friday's stocking instead of all the yarn like i had planned. i might just offer a yarn option for the shirts... that would work. or i might squeak in some during the day tomorrow, but with the kids in the mood they've been in lately it's all i can do to get meals prepared before they're at each others' throats. i don't recall my brother and i being like this when we were 4 and 2 but my kids just antagonize each other. so. darn. much. constantly!

anyway back to zoope -- i haven't even taken in-progress pics because 2 shirts are in the wash at this very moment and 2 more have been painted with dye and will get their second wax application once that dye dries. i guess i should take pics of them, but i want them to be a surprise. if they turn out like the picture in my head i think they're going to be really really cute!