i don't feel like i'm spoiling the surprise by sharing how my samples turned out. i'm pretty darn stoked over them, actually, and hope people find uses for them (i included several different ideas on a label on the back). it was a lot of fun doing these but a *ton* of work with all the waxing and dyeing and then boiling out wax and washing. not that i'm ruling out doing it again sometime, but not for awhile! :)

in other news, i'll be stocking a few things at the leaf shoppe tomorrow (yikes! late with previews as usual because i'm still working on everything!). my buddy foo (jennifer) is our special guest and has some of her really cool jewelry previewing already. ms. foo is the reason dh and i are together, she was my maid of honor, and we also went to the same college (uiuc graphic design program!), worked at the same office doing various multimedia, web (me) and video (foo) stuff for... gosh i dunno, like 5 years we overlapped there? foo rocks, as does her jewelry, so check it out!

in customs news, andrea's shirt is done and yarn is in-progress today. i should be contacting the next few people on the list if i haven't already, and am putting in a big ole order for blank shirts today (so those requesting bigger sizes or different styles will be very happy to hear i'm finally getting those instock in prep for your customs!).


  1. Maria said...

    Oh Lori those turned out beautifully!
    Now I'm even sadder I didn't get a box.