fresh is stocking july 9th at 9am and 9pm. our theme this month is EXPLORE! i mostly explored customs leading up to this stocking, but did manage to pull together a few listings...

plus a cool scrap yarn collab with scarlet at huckleberry knits and diane at bugsnugger (my part is the last pic)...

there's tons of other gorgeous stuff available as well.

i'm on the wagon. this ain't about booze but buying handmade. i have bought, i have enjoyed, i am now needing to stop spending because times are tight -- hence being on the wagon. so instead of buying all the lovely things i find i'm going to list some of them here on my blog in hopes that i will turn someone onto something new or someone will buy them and love them as i would! this batch is all for me, but no doubt i'll share some goodies i'd love to get for the kids or other people i know and love soon.

bloom studios ~
just found this shop today after spying a few things on flickr and OH MY. i will be watching this shop and awaiting a time i can treat myself to something!

motherhues (at necessitae) ~
i think she made the enchanted vanilla just for me. okay maybe not, but OH MY is that so calling to me!

laines magnifiques ~
sock yarn. yes i would love more, and laines magnifiques yarns have been speaking to me soooooo sweetly lately!

blossom shop ~
this caught my eye from the moment i saw it on flickr and still haunts me now! beautiful combination of elements.

pisces knits (at tiny lady cooperative) ~
have tons of sockyarn and my feet want spoiling... need someone to knit socks for me since i don't knit enough to say i can knit (i know, it's a sad state of affairs).

la black ~
totally my colors, lots of compartments and looks sturdy to handle all the cr*p i seem to end up carrying around in my purse!