this is the spread from the past week or so of very late nights getting ready for the ALCHEMY grand opening today. i'm thrilled with how almost everything came out. a few things sold and there's still tons available, not to mention some really awesome stuff from the other ladies stocking at Alchemy!

i also have some yarn going on sale tomorrow at Baby Bean Design's big fiber fest on her HC. more lovely goodies from tons of great fiber and other artisans! be sure to stop by there too for lots of temptation!

a kid-safe way to batik! okay, so it's not the only way (washable glue also works wonders), but i'd never have thought of using flour as a batik resist. one part baking, one part letting one's creativity run wild with a squirt bottle (or if i'm smart, 2 squirt bottles so the kids don't have to share). guaranteed to satisfy both of my kids with at least part of the process. anyway, just had to share and we will be trying this out sometime this summer when things can dry outside to give us quicker results not to mention keep most of the mess out there as well.