i have new instock going up tomorrow evening at the leaf shoppe! our theme is going back to school, but we called it "On The Bus" so i went off on a different tangent for a few things. ;) here are the sneak peeks, click on them for full details. i really love how the sharp-dressed kid set turned out and wish i had time to do yarn for the apple one but alas -- tonight we are packing because tomorrow we hit the road for pennsylvania! eek, i'm so unprepared!

i am just in love with this shirt and have decided i must make one for dd. maybe one for me, if i could find a shirt style that would both flatter me and not make doing this a big pain. but just lookie, i love when the picture in my head comes out in color so well!

Custom Flower Tee

wrapped up a few things in the past week or so, with more to come. here's the stuff that's DONE, or at least mostly except for an overdye on the elephant shirt because my brown came out too red (grrrrrrr). some are customs, and the flamingo pear shirt is instock at All "4" Kids as part of Brandi's awesome crazy 8s birthday celebration! have you seen her new felt food, btw? that stuff rocks!!!

so i'm still slogging through my customs list at a snail's pace it seems. summer has been much busier with stuff than i anticipated (what was i thinking?)... since we haven't been hanging around the house nearly as much as i expected, of course i haven't been around to do nearly as much as i expected. i should probably add a disclaimer that i'm horrible at estimating time in the first place (need to learn to at least double my guesses), so between that and being busy i'm sure people feel like they've been waiting forever! but just look at some of the fun the kids have been having... i'd say it's all worth it. while i'm sorry i've kept people waiting so long for some customs, i have to remember i'm a mom first and keeping my kiddos happy and busy with fun stuff matters a bunch. it's been a good summer, and while i'm looking forward to them both starting preschool in a few weeks (just parttime) and things starting to cool down a bit before too long now, i think i'm really going to miss all the running around for fun in the sun we've been doing lately!